Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders


Personal Licence Holders hold an important role within the licensed trade sector. They authorise the sale of alcohol in both on and off sales businesses to ensure that every sale is legal.

This is a considerable responsibility and, as such, candidates must obtain a nationally recognised training qualification in order to apply for their licence. The certificate for this qualification is then submitted to the local licensing board and, as long as certain criteria are met, a personal licence can be issued

The Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (SCPLH) is the necessary training qualification that must be completed prior to applying for your licence in Scotland.

Our online training module takes a few hours to complete, and contains a host of interactive features, designed to appeal to all learning styles. An SQA Accredited Personal Licence Holder Handbook is also provided to accompany your learning and may be used during the study period, prior to sitting the exam within a Pearson Vue test centre.

In line with the Licencing Scotland Act (2005), all Personal Licence Holders in Scotland must refresh their training qualification after 5 years. We offer an accredited SCPLH-R qualification which meets this requirement.