Accredited Online Learning

The SLTA in partnership with Flow Hospitality Training are providing access to a comprehensive suite of online training courses that have been specifically designed to deliver high quality and engaging training. Together, we are offering two different sets of training:

1. Personal Licence Holder (Scotland)

In accordance with The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, anyone who is responsible for the sale of alcohol must be a Personal Licence Holder and must, by law, hold a licensing qualification. This comprehensive online training course have been specifically designed to fully meet the statutory requirements of the Licensing Act. Candidates will sit the final exam in their local Pearson VUE Test Centre and upon successfully passing will receive a nationally accredited qualification from the SQA with which they can then apply for their Personal Licence.  Our PLH module provides:

- accredited interactive training module
- accompanying Personal Licence Holder handbook 
- invigilated exam in a Pearson VUE Test Centre
- SQA accredited certificate

2. Additional Online Compliance Training 

This suite of modules is ideal for all staff working in licensed premises, dispensing and serving alcohol to customers as well as those working in a kitchen and responsible for food.  Staff can train at their own pace and benefit from all the interactive learning techniques.  End of section tests and end of module exams ensure that staff complete their modules with a full understanding of their responsibilities and compliance with legislation.